Product Description

A customer contacted us as they had a wheelchair to sell after the death of their beloved mother. The only details available was the name: Drive Medical ID Soft Wheelchair. We completed research on the product and requested photos from the customer to confirm that the correct product was being referred to.

Drive Medical ID Soft Tilt in Space Wheelchair in AS NEW Condition. Only used for a short time -approximately 2 months

Wheelchair is in excellent condition. Originally purchased $2500.

The ID Soft Tilt in Space Wheelchair is an attendant propelled, crash tested manual wheelchair. Features include tilt and recline, attendant and drum brakes, height adjustable push handles, and larger rear wheels.

Crash Test Information for Wheeled mobility devices

This wheeled mobility device meets the design requirements and has been successfully crash tested in accordance with ANZS/ISO 7176-19:2008 MOD. This standard relates to the design requirements specified for a wheeled mobility device to be used to transport an individual in a motor vehicle.


Drive Medical

Models / Specifications

Model base: base

  • Width of Seat 390.0, 440.0, or 490.0 mm (3 seat widths, each adjustable up to another 50mm)
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 135 kg
  • Height Overall 1080 mm
  • Height of Seat Front 430 mm
  • Depth of Seat 400 mm – 460 mm
  • Weight 35 kg
  • Width Overall 580 mm


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Optional Accessories

  • Wheelchair accessories:
    • anti-tips

Transport and Dismantling

  • Wheelchair transport:
    • secure by transport approved tie down points for user sitting in the wheelchair


  • Wheelchair footplates:
    • height adjustable
    • lift up
    • plastic
    • swing away
    • two piece


  • Wheelchair leg-rest options:
    • elevating (manual)
    • length adjustable
    • removable
    • swing away
  • Wheelchair leg-rests:
    • length adjustable
    • removable
    • swing away


  • Wheelchair headrest:
    • angle adjustable
    • contoured
    • depth adjustable
    • height adjustable
    • padded
    • removable


  • Wheelchair backrest:
    • contoured
    • height adjustable
    • padded
    • recline (manually)


  • Wheelchair seat:
    • angle adjustable
    • flat seat pan (for use with a large range of cushions)
    • padded
    • removable
    • tapered


  • Manual Wheelchair brakes:
    • attendant bicycle style
    • attendant drum style