Here, the Client requested this job for one of their monthly mail outs. The client provided subject matter such as titles, monthly theme, products to be promoted, discount codes, etc and requested that we look after clipart, wording, clickable links, calls to action and so forth. Note: Formatting of the email is not as it appears here; this was looked after by the client within their preferred bulk email platform.

Welcome To Spring! 

Australia is a wondrous place to live, don’t you think? In the North of this Great country the Winter months haves been like Summer, In S.E. Queensland Winter just didn’t happen at all this year, while certain parts of the country such as the ACT, WA, VIC, NSW & Tasmania sure have been freezing at times.
With Spring officially upon us, here at The Herb Shed we say “Let’s get out and enjoy all it has to offer”

We Have A Brand New “Australian Certified Organic” Tasty Tea Range. So, to celebrate the new range we have 15% Off for this month. These teas are full of flavour, fragrance and pure delight.
Enter this Discount Code at checkout time: Spring15
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Need A Tune Up or have plans for some Summer Loving???
We all put on a few extra pounds as a result of Winter comforting, so if you’re looking to give yourself a kick start into Spring or to get in shape for Summer, we suggest you take a look at our Detox and Cleansing Range and Energy Raising herbs and herbal infusions. For an extra incentive to get you motivated, how about 15% Off this range too.
Enter this Discount Code at checkout time: Spring15
Detox & Cleanse
Boost Energy

For Our 3rd Year Anniversary Promotion
Congratulations to Robert A. from Mt. Druitt in New South Wales
Robert will receive $30.00 off his next order
We’ve been to The Markets 
We held our first ever Market Stalls last weekend. Really, we had no idea what to expect, so with some butterflies in our tummies, and much excitement we strode forth into the unknown. What A Buzz!!! We met so many interesting and lovely people as we soaked up the atmosphere. Now we’re hooked and will be at the local markets on a regular basis. If you’re in our area, check out our Facebook page “Events Section” for upcoming events, locations and dates.
Take A Look
As always, if you want to contact us, have any questions or wish to provide feedback, click this image.