Having been born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand within a large and caring family of 8 brothers and sisters, life was always interesting in my informative years. With that many siblings life tends to create quite a number of different and interesting experiences. With my background predominantly in financial advisory services, business ownership through both traditional brick and mortar and online products and services, a great deal of experience and knowledge has been attainable, with high level of professionalism being at the forefront of any ventures and business dealings. Moving to Australia in the year 2000 for the benefit of two young children who have since grown and moved on to their own adventures truly opened up a whole new world for life, learning, growing and moving forward. I count myself extremely grateful for my lovely wife Mariella who features in my profile picture. Without her unwavering support my ventures simply wouldn't be possible. Ensuring a work/life balance is essential. After all, life isn't all about work. Life is to be enjoyed! Right?

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