8 Great Benefits of Smart Content Marketing

An Appealing Website – Are First Impressions Enough?

First Impressions do count, but are first impressions enough? What happens next?

Having an appealing website is a great start for your Online business presence, however it’s simply not enough by itself.

Your website’s home, about us, your services, or contact page, etc. only add up to 4 or 5 pages on the Internet, and that is just not going to be enough for potential customers to find you. You need more!

 You Need An SEO-friendly Content Marketing Strategy

An appealing website doesn’t bring new customers without an engaging and regular SEO-friendly content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy may include such things as blogs, articles, how to guides, special offers, newsletters, Facebook or Instagram posts and so on.

However, any effective content marketing strategy takes education, time, effort and consistency. If time is at a premium for you, or writing pages and pages of fresh and original content aren’t your thing, then what do you do?

Perhaps you need to look at hiring an experienced professional content writer who will work with you to understand your business, your goals and your target audience. Working with a quality Content Writer will help to create a Content Marketing Plan, which will assist you to engage with new people to draw them towards your business.

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 Social Media – How Important is it to your business?

A strong Social Media presence is a must for building loyal followers.

Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other, it’s important that you share your content on Social Media.

Most of your potential customers will search social media before they seek you out through your website, or bricks and mortar store.

Statistics suggest that a new customer needs to see your business at least 6 times before they take the next step in contacting you.

Of all people who use Facebook, on average they will check their news feed 15 times per day. So, there is a huge potential audience right there, if you know how to get your business in front of their eyes.

When you advertise on Facebook you can utilise specific targeting tactics, so you can reach a wide audience of potential new customers who are interested in your products and services. Will they see information about your business? If not, you’re missing out!

Fact: Almost 50% of 18 – 49-year-old people get their news and information online. You want to be where people are, your brand needs to be online. Search Engines, Social media and Blogs: this is where you will find users who want to be informed.

8 Great Benefits You’ll Enjoy from Having A Regular, Well Thought Out Content Marketing Strategy

There are many positive benefits for having a strong content marketing strategy for producing new and exciting content on a regular basis. Quality, originality and consistency is the key.

  1. Google loves fresh and original content which helps to increase your website ranking.

Producing high-quality, fresh and original SEO-friendly content is favoured highly by Google, and since Google is all powerful and mighty when it comes to getting your website noticed, you want to take maximum advantage of this. However, you also need to understand your audience, choose your topic and keywords carefully, optimise your content as such with meta titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, images alt attributes and so on.  Understanding how all these things work does take time and experience.

Fact: The most effective SEO technique is Content Creation. Populating a website with blogs results in 434% more search engine-indexed pages compared with businesses that don’t publish content.

2. Your website will rank far better organically, which means you reduce your advertising costs.

Developing a long-term plan of content creation results in minimising the amount of dollars spent on advertising. As time goes by you can reduce your advertising budget significantly, or even to zero with a regular and ongoing content marketing strategy.

 Fact: Comparing Content Marketing vs. Paid Search – content marketing gets 3x the leads per dollar spent. As time goes on, content marketing builds its own momentum – no extra dollars required. Meanwhile, paid search needs a continual cash flow to keep getting results.

 3. Improving your website ranking means that it will be seen by more potential customers.

Every quality piece of content that you produce with your target audience in mind is advantageous to you, increasingly drawing new people towards your business.

Fact: Content creates lots of little pathways sprinkled about the Internet that lead back to your website, boosting traffic and creating conversions.

 4. More potential customers give you the opportunity to turn them into paying customers thereby increasing your income many times over.

Every person who reads your high-quality content is a potential new customer.

There are many tips and tricks to be learned to keep people engaged and revisiting your website regularly. An example of this is to get them onto your mailing list, so each time you produce quality content it goes straight to their inbox where they are ready and waiting for the next exciting episode.

 Fact: Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without a blog

5. You will have new material to share with your existing customers, which helps to keep you “front of mind” and encourages them to buy more of your products or services.

Providing regular updates to your existing customers helps to build your brand and customer loyalty and will have your customers hanging and coming back for more.

Fact: 61% of B2C (business to customer) businesses say Newsletters is the most effective content marketing strategy

 6. High Quality regular content shows that you are professional and knowledgeable, so you become the “go to guy or girl” in your niche.

Your high-quality content not only creates an aura of professionalism, it also encourages people to like and share your content, buy from you, or recommend you to others.

 Fact: Content Marketing, besides all other benefits, rates 6x higher in converting people into leads and leads into conversions than traditional marketing.

 7. Creating informative and problem-solving content helps to build trust and authority. People love you to solve their problems, so offer free content and be a problem solver.

Think of yourself as a customer. There is nothing better than free, Right? We All Love Free Stuff!

Create “How to Guides”. What you need to fix this, 10 ways to make that, 5 Steps to create this, etc. Content that makes peoples lives easier or removes a perceived pain-point gives you great credibility, especially if you are expecting nothing in return. This also gives you that all important “Foot in the door”, where you start to build a trusted relationship with your new customers.

Fact: If your free content helps solve a problem or provides something for nothing, your chances increase dramatically that these people will become your life-long, most loyal and most profitable customers in the future.

 8. Sharing your website content to social media gives you greater exposure to reach more customers.

The more places and more times people can view your content, the better it is for potential customers to find you and begin to trust you. It also helps to remove the “Johnny come lately” or “Fly by night” tag.

Fact: The most popular content marketing tactic of 90% of B2C businesses is Social Media. The most popular being Facebook (94%), Twitter (82%), YouTube (77%) and LinkedIn (76%).

Bottom Line: Skilled, Consistent Content Marketing Works

Content marketing is the present and future of marketing. It’s efficient, engaging, compelling and gently persuasive. But, best of all…IT WORKS!

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