What Makes You Different?

What Is Unique About You?

The old age question!

What really makes you different or unique, that sets you apart from everyone else?

This is sometimes a tough question, Right? A question many have pondered, struggled with and failed to resolve with a definitive answer. An answer that many simply give up on because they just aren’t able to put their finger on it.

Whether it is about you personally, or about how or why your business, products and services are different, which makes people want to deal with you rather than the next guy or girl. Let me tell you this, if you want to be successful, then you must define it!

It’s likely going to be a mix of both, since your persona will shine through in everything that you do as long as you are being authentic. Authenticity may be the key, as when you are being authentic you are being the true you, not trying to be something that you are not! So, perhaps that’s is good a place as anywhere to begin.

You often hear others say “I really like that person because they are so authentic”.

Once you’ve looked at yourself and have that down pat, then look at how you do business differently from others, to gain that winning edge; your USP.

What Is Your USP?

What’s a USP? Quite simply it’s your Unique Selling Proposition, and it could be absolutely anything. The winning difference that makes you the logical choice to do business with.

  • The quality of your product
  • Your outstanding customer service
  • Fast delivery times
  • Your product or service price
  • The packaging of your products
  • A small gift to every customer that you include in every order
  • The inviting layout of your store, if you have a brick and mortar business
  • Your trustworthiness
  • Your authority

A great article from Copyblogger, which is one of the most well known and informative sites for content writers, content marketers and bloggers, explains and discusses this in more depth Take 15 Minutes to Find Your Winning Difference. The information and concepts within this article can be applied to any business really and takes a different look from what you have probably been told. It really is worth the read.

Is It Really So Important To Know Your USP?

Darn Right It Is.

You have a target your audience, you know that you have great value to offer them, and you need to know how to grab their attention. So, yes, your USP should be the top of you list.

So, if you haven’t been able to nail it down, your USP, or what makes you different or unique from everyone else, we hope that this blog gives you inspiration and helps you delve a little deeper into what makes you stand out from a very large crowd.

We Wish You All The Good Luck!



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