How To Easily Grow Your Email List For Free and Increase Your Sales

Have you ever heard yourself say any of these phrases?

“I get a lot of visitors to my website every day but only a small few actually buy”. How can I increase my sales?

“How can I get more customers who visit my website to buy more of my products or services?” There must be a way to improve my strike rate!”

“I know people are interested in what I have to offer but people seem to visit and then leave without buying anything! It’s so frustrating!”

You’re probably thinking, “I need to spend more money to attract more visitors so I can increase my odds, but I’m spending so much already”

How do I increase my sales without spending a fortune on advertising?”

If you have ever caught yourself saying any of these phrases or something similar, then we have Great News For You!

The answer to these questions is extremely simple and will cost you absolutely nothing!!!

Firstly, let’s just confirm you do ask your buyers if you can send them marketing material at some time during the purchase process.

Hopefully you do this as part of your websites checkout process. A simple check box with the default set to “Yes” does the job. This way your customer must uncheck the box to opt-out, and they generally don’t. This is a must so you have their permission to contact them at a later date with new insights, information, or products and services.

Secondly, a very effective but simple thing to do is to have a “Pop Up Form” on your website”

Creating a “Pop Up Form” on your website, or in other words, an “Opt-In Form”, or “Sign Up Form”, etc is an extremely effective way to grow your emailing list and the best thing is that it costs you absolutely nothing! Surprisingly, at least 50% of websites that I’ve visited, there simply isn’t one, and that’s just leaving money on the table when it could be in your pocket.

A Pop Up form is a exactly how it sounds, it pops up when a new visitor visits your website. The form only needs to be simple, just a few lines of text offering value to your new potential customer with a place for them to enter their name and email address. You might invite them to sign up to your newsletter, to receive a free e-book, a free quote, a discount on future purchases as a reward for signing up, or offer a chance to win a prize if they sign up and/or share with their friends…many possibilities here!

The process for creating a Pop Up form is also pretty simple. You can do it yourself or get your “Techie Guy” to do it for you. Depending on how your website is hosted there may be slightly different ways or methods of achieving this, however the concept remains the same regardless. Basically, all you need to do is create the form and enter a few lines of code into the backend of your website and you’re good to go.

An example of how easy it can be:

We’ve always operated a “Shopify” e-Commerce website for our online product store, which has the bonus that Shopify easily intergrates with “Mailchimp”. As most will know, and if you don’t, Mailchimp is a emailing platform for sending out bulk emails. The Popup form is created within Mailchimp with one of their editable templates and the code is generated; this code is then entered into the back-end of your website. The fact that Shopify has great support is also a bonus, as when we need to make any changes that we aren’t quite sure how to do, we simply contact their live chat team and ask them to help in placing the code. We’re not promoting Shopify or Mailchimp, or suggest that you switch to them, this is merely an example to show that creating a Popup form is a simple process.

There are also many free solutions on the Internet; it’s just a matter of doing a Google search for how to create a “Free Pop Up Form”. Alternatively, if you use another platform or web designer to create your website content, simply ask them and they can do it for you. Simple!

Some Things To Consider When Creating Your Pop Up Form.

Although the initial content of this post is to create a Pop Up form to grow your email list it naturally delves a little deeper into what you will want to do next to ensure you keep your email list growing. While you will lose some followers along the way as peoples’ needs and interests change over time, you want to make sure you at least minimise this. So, having said this lets look a little closer.

  1. Make sure your Pop Up form is in a prominent position, like at the header of your website Home page
  2. Make sure its not too intrusive so it doesn’t annoy visitors to your site, or they will leave and go elsewhere
  3. Decide whether you want it to appear as soon as someone arrives at your website, or after a short delay, or as they are exiting your site. My belief is that its best to have a 5-10 second delay after the visitor arrives and only have it appear once per visit or session, not every time they click on a new page or product on your website.
  4. Be very precise and very clear what value you are offering. Customers will only give up their details if they truly believe that they will receive value in doing so. Also ensure that you state that you will only use their details to contact them for the purpose that you stated in your offer, not for any other reason such as smashing them constantly with marketing, that you will maintain their privacy,  and you won’t be selling their details to anyone else. People are concerned that this may occur so alleviate their concerns from the get go.
  5. As mentioned earlier, some ideas you might include in your offer for example, a free e-book, a discount if they sign up as a member to your site, a free consultation, a free quote, a contest where they can win a prize, or information in the way of a regular newsletter about new and exciting products or services that they are interested in. If you don’t have time to write engaging and informative content, or you think you don’t have the skills, then we can look after that for you. After all, we aren’t called Web Content Writing by chance.
  6. Give your offer credibility. Make sure people signing up are aware that they are part of a elite group, or part of a large group of your followers, your tribe, etc
  7. Once you have secured their details make sure you keep your part of the agreement by continuing to offer great value in exchange for their details, i.e. make sure the value is top quality, interesting, engaging, and encourages them to come back for more. If the quality of your material is sub-par they will unsubscribe and most likely be gone forever
  8. Understand what interests your followers; review your analytics on a regular basis. Check to see what people are clicking on, what are your most popular products or services, see if you can break it down into customer segments, as what may interest some folk may not necessarily interest others
  9. Encourage your followers to share your content with their friends and perhaps offer them a reward program for doing so. Again, this will help to grow your list.

To summarise this blog post:

  • If you don’t have a Pop Up form on your website, Get One done ASAP, or continue to lose money
  • Once you have a Pop Up form ensure you have a way to capture your customers details automatically into your emailing list. First Name and Email Address is all you need
  • Keep to your end of the agreement by providing regular, professional, interesting, exciting, informative content at all times
  • Monitor your results through your website and emailing platform to understand what is working best
  • If you don’t use a bulk emailing platform, get one 
  • Tweak things as needed, try different types of offers, content, newsletter and so forth
  • Enjoy communicating with your customers and followers and watch your sales grow


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