Why Is Fresh Web Content So Important To Your Website and Social Media?

Why is fresh web content so important?

Has this question even crossed your mind?

“OK”, you say, “I have a website, I paid a professional web designer to create my site, or I created it myself. Either way, it was a labour of love and it looks great, so why change it?

What will I gain from adding fresh and exciting new web content for my readers or followers?

OK, so let’s take a look at this further. There are a number of reasons why you want and need to continually create fresh content for your website and other social media platforms for that matter. Lets read on…

Fresh web content gives your readers or followers a reason to come back and visit you again, it also gives you an opportunity to generate their interest in more of your products and services. Hmm, sounds good so far…

NB: A great way to get your followers to your website to view this fresh and exciting content is through your mailing list, but that’s a subject for another day where we’ll look how to grow your mailing list. Today we are focusing on the why, not the how.

Your Web Content can be factual, informative, interesting, enthralling and more, and it’s end purpose, assuming you sell products and services on your website, is to encourage your customers to buy more from you, which means your business will grow and as a result so will your income. Here’s a word of warning though: don’t over do it! Too much, too long, too boring will only drive them away, so a good balance is required here.

OK, this is interesting, tell me more…

There are a number of other reasons too, which we will look at as we go on.

So, what types of content do you need to include into your website or other platforms?

Blogs – blogs are a great way to provide more detailed information about your products and services. A regular blog on a weekly or monthly basis about a particular new subject gives you the opportunity to tell your readers more, more about how your product or service works, how it will benefit them, and why they need it, or why it’s a must have that they simply can’t do without. When writing fresh content about your product or service be very careful to not go over the top with the sales pitch though as people need to be built up to it before they buy, so be subtle. And guess what? People don’t like to feel that they are being sold to. People do however like to be eased into buying and if you can tap into their emotions by telling them how your product is going to make them feel happy, solve a problem, or remove a hassle from theirs lives then you’re on to a winner.

There will always be exceptions to the above case such as with impulse buyers, but these folk are more few and far between and will never be your major money earners.

Blogs are also a great way to increase your organic search rankings using your keyword or keyword phrases about your products and services.

Another very important reason to blog regularly is this: For Google – Google loves fresh and original content!!! On the other hand, Google doesn’t like copied, plagerised and repeated content from other sites, and rather than increase your rankings, Google will smack you with a big stick and penalise you in their rankings, so simply don’t do it! Fresh and Original Web Content, Without Exception, Is Always Best!

Other reasons for creating fresh and exciting web content:

  1. Descriptions for Products and Services – when writing content such as product descriptions you need to provide enough information so you generate interest and to compel your customer to buy. Too much content here though may overwhelm your buyer and you risk your explanation becoming worthless “blah blah”, thereby losing your customer.
  2. Up-to-date News and being timely with your web content – be sure to let your followers know that your business is growing by providing updated news and content on your main pages. There is nothing worse for your reader to see old, outdated news that simply is no longer relevant. Coming up with new exciting products and/or services¬† will encourage people to come back to you regularly, and it will help you to show your customer that you are “the go to guy or girl” to get expertise that they need, and that you are also up with the latest trends.
  3. Social Media Content – creating a mix of serious, fun and exciting content keeps your readers wanting more, it encourages them to like your page, to follow you, to add you to their news feed, etc. Additionally, if they find your content or posts interesting and helpful then they will share it with their friends, and that potentially brings more customers to your “money page/site”. Be sure to include links back to your site to allow your readers to find out more, but again don’t be over the top with the sales pitch, that will only drive away people, not draw them in. Bear in mind that some social media platforms penalise you for being “too salesy” and stop your potential customers seeing your posts, unless you want to “pay advertising costs” to boost your posts. Here, I guess the answer is “A BIG FAT NO”. NB: We’ve noticed that if you do a mail-out to your customer list and share it on social media as part of the process through your “mailing platform” that this appears to by-pass certain algorithms, which helps increase the chance of your posts being seen, rather than blocked as is the case through some social media platforms. No specific scientific approach here, just a pattern noticed with our own mailing lists for some of our other businesses. I’m quite sure this loophole will be filled in soon as social media platforms become more and more money and advertising focused.

Some Tips To Consider When Writing Your Web Content:

Don’t over do it – when people visit your website they want only enough details so they can make a decision and move on, so be clear and concise with just enough information to satisfy them. If they are interested but need more information they can ask for more through your contact page.

Make the process flow smoothly – give your potential customer a compelling story and a clear “call to action” to buy or ask for more information.

Maintain your credibility – your web content needs to be professional including being well written with correct spelling and grammar.

Engage your audience – use descriptive and energetic words which excite and draw in your audience.

Use Analytic tools – research topics that interest people and which have already been searched for through your website and write about these topics more to engage your audience.

Search Engines Love Fresh Web Content Рas mentioned earlier Google and other search engines love fresh and original web content. Any time you provide new content to your website, search engine algorithms take into account the size or your site and the number of words in each content piece, so making sure your content is fresh and original with a minimum of 500 words helps with your rankings. The larger your site the better; more pages, more fresh web content means better organic rankings through the search engines . Remember new and fresh content only;  repeated, copied and plagerised content does exactly the opposite penalisng your site in the rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – optimising your web content using your keywords and keyword phrases greatly helps people to find you when they type a search term when seeking out information on a particular subject, product or service.

Why Use A Professional Web Content Writing Service?

  • Employing the services of a professional web content writer can take away the pain of you having to come up with new content or articles for your website and social media platforms.
  • A good web content writer will work with you to understand your products, niche or business.
  • Outsourcing to someone else to look after your web content for you frees up your time to concentrate on other activities.
  • A great content writer will work with you to help you achieve your goals, and can schedule a plan with you so you can create fresh and exciting content on a regular basis while taking away the hassle of going it alone.
  • Employing a professional content writer saves you not only time but money as well. As they say “time is money” so why not spend a few dollars to save you time on the things that you’re not so good at, while freeing you up to concentrate on activities where you can more efficiently spend time growing your business.

We hope you enjoyed this blog.

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